A collection of things I find interesting:

  1. XKCD. I don’t think this needs any explanation.
  2. The New York Times. They continually have some of the best examples of how to display quantitative data.  Don't believe me?  Check out this and tell me they don't know what they're doing... (and here's a really great fusion of #2 and #3.  And another).
  3. The Scale of the Universe #2.  Kinda puts things in perspective, really (a little TOO much perspective).
  4. The 61. Really fantastic design and user interface.
  5. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Where I work. We do, like… science… and stuff.
  6. Radiolab. Best. Podcast. Ever.
  7. Nerve Action. Some fantastic design work. And probably the only man I know who could design X-ray spectroscopy equipment, kitchenware and condom carrying cases all in a day’s work.
  8. St. Louis Cardinals.  Hometown, baby!